Business Interruption Attorneys in Florida, Alabama, and Louisiana

Fighting for commercial policyholders throughout the Southeast

The lifeblood of every business is generating revenue. This means selling your inventory, manufacturing products, providing services, and operating the full range of for-profit business activities. If your office, building, or location needs to close for repairs after any natural disaster, the chances are good your inventory, tools, and equipment may be damaged or destroyed, too.

Getting back up to speed after a disaster requires skilled legal counsel who understand business interruption insurance and the insurance industry. At Warhurst Law, attorney Gene Warhurst has been fighting for policyholders since 1995. Before then, he worked in the claim departments of The Hartford and USF&G, two of the largest property and casualty insurers in the nation. This dual knowledge provides a unique edge, because not only can we properly value your damages, but we can anticipate the arguments insurance companies use to try to deny or reduce your claims. Contact our policyholder advocate lawyers today if you sustained losses in Alabama, Florida, Louisiana, or anywhere in the US.