Fire Insurance Claims Attorneys in Florida

Tough advocacy when Gulf Coast and Panhandle owners need to repair, rebuild, and restart

Fires destroy more than homes. They destroy the personal possessions. They destroy memories. Fires happen for all types of reasons, but whatever the reason, you need help now. You need to make sure everyone is healthy. You need a place to live. The last thing you should worry about is having to fight with your insurance company – the one that was all too happy to accept your premium payments.

At Warhurst Law, our Florida insurance dispute lawyers understand exactly what insurance companies should be doing to help you. We understand what tricks and strategies insurance companies use to try to deny or to reduce your claim. This understanding of insurance claims isn’t a bold assertion. It is based on the hands-on experience of Gene Warhurst who began his career as a professional insurance adjuster. He has used that direct experience to fight for insurance policyholders and their families for nearly 25 years. We’ll help you get the proceeds you need to salvage what can be saved and to move forward after a devastating fire. We have secured millions of dollars in original and supplement fire claims, including:

  • $1.79 million in additional funds for a church fire
  • $973,003 in additional funds for a church fire
  • $$483,019 in additional funds for a residential fire
  • $395,329 in additional funds for a residential fire