Flood Claims Insurance Dispute Attorneys in Alabama

Aggressive representation for flood victims in Mobile and beyond

Flooding can happen for many reasons. It can be due to a tropical storm, a hurricane, or a dam or levee that breaks. A water main may burst. Poor drainage systems can also cause flooding. Whatever the reason, all you know is you need help now. You want local officials and professionals to stop the flood from rising. Once the damage is done, you need to work hard to salvage your home, your property, and your possessions.

At Warhurst Law, we demand that insurance companies pay all the damages that you are owed. Attorney Gene Warhurst has helped numerous policyholders get the compensation they need to rebuild, such as $2.568 million in additional funds to policyholders who suffered flood-related losses. He has the experience and working relationships with contractors to focus on hidden dangers in addition to analyzing the known structural damage. He’ll guide you through each stage of this trying time.