Flood Claims Dispute Attorneys in Florida

Helping flood victims across the Panhandle, the Gulf Coast, and other Florida regions

Flooding is a natural consequence of disaster, both man-made and natural. Flooding is especially common in Florida where summer hurricanes and flash floods pour into homes, streets, and communities in minutes.

Attorney Gene Warhurst works aggressively when natural disasters strike. Since 1995, he’s helped flood victims in Florida verify the cause of the water damage so you can avoid complications down the line. At Warhurst Law, we work with water damage remediation professionals, contractors, and appraisers so that you get the right damage settlement or award for home repairs and for damage to all the contents that are destroyed from the flood. If you’ve sustained losses, contact us today. We’ve obtained millions of dollars on our clients’ behalves, including $2.568 million in additional funds to policyholders who suffered damages related to flooding.