Church and Non-Profit Insurance Dispute Attorneys in Louisiana

Help for charitable organizations and houses of worship on the Gulf Coast

Many people believe that because an organization like a church, temple, or charity is non-profit, it means they don’t have expenses that need to be paid. If a building or property suffers damage from strong weather, theft, or other unanticipated loss, a non-profit needs insurance just like a for-profit business. Further, non-profits and houses of worship provide valuable services to the community, and need to get back to normal operation as soon as possible after a major loss.

The Louisiana insurance dispute attorneys at Warhurst Law help non-profits and religious organizations continue giving back to the community, even after a disaster occurs. Our lawyers have a unique perspective on insurance disputes, thanks to firm founder Gene Warhurst’s experience as a former insurance adjuster. He knows how the insurance industry works and applies that knowledge to every case. If your organization’s insurance claim is being denied or delayed, get in touch with us for strong representation.