Tornado Insurance Dispute Attorney in Alabama

Helping tornado victims in Mobile and throughout Alabama recover from the storm

As of April 2019, Alabama had already seen 53 tornadoes – more than the yearly state average. According to the Weather Channel, 29 tornadoes occurred in March. One tornado in Lee County killed 23 people. Spring temperatures, combined with moisture, and strong “low-level” winds are contributing to the increase in Alabama tornadoes.

Tornadoes, unlike flood insurance, should be covered by your insurance policy, but that doesn’t mean your insurer will willingly pay out your claim. When they won’t play ball, you’re going to need an Alabama insurance dispute lawyer who will fight back for you. At Warhurst Law, that’s exactly what you’ll find. We’ve secured millions in recovery for our clients, including an additional $2.37 million for a commercial policyholder in Alabama who was originally offered $50,000. Call us today to schedule a consultation with Gene Warhurst or a member of our team.