Condominium Insurance Claims Lawyers in Alabama

Helping condominium owners and associations when floods, hurricanes, and other natural disasters or accidents ruin your property

Owning a condo is different than owning a single residence for several key reasons that affect your rights if a severe storm or other disaster causes damage. The main difference is that the condo owners generally own only the interior of their home. The walls, roofing, parking lots, landscaping, and grounds are generally owned by a homeowners’ association (HOA). The HOA should have separate insurance for what they own. Condominium owners generally must coordinate their condo unit insurance with that of the homeowners’ association. Another key difference is that when disasters strike, repairs to your unit need to be balanced with the needs of the other condominium owners.
At Warhurst Law, we have secured millions of dollars on behalf of our clients – money that homeowner associations and condo unit owners need to rebuild, to make repairs, and to help owners move back into their homes as quickly as possible. Whether a hurricane or tornado causes a roof to blow off, a flood destroys your basement, or a fire means losing everything, our Alabama insurance dispute lawyers understand that insurance companies have no right to delay payment or to undercut the full sums that you are due.