nsurance Dispute Attorneys in Alabama

Skilled representation for policyholders in Mobile and throughout Alabama

When your property is damaged or destroyed, you deserve to get all the funds you bargained for when you started the policy and paid the premiums. You deserve fast action, not stall tactics and unreasonable excuses. You deserve an Alabama insurance dispute lawyer who will fight for you.

At Warhurst Law, we work aggressively to help get property owners the funds they paid for. We are often able to get faster results and better recoveries because we know first-hand how claims adjusters operate. Firm founder Gene Warhurst first began his career working as a claims adjuster for Hartford Insurance. He anticipates the arguments claims adjusters use to deny claims. He knows when they’re not negotiating in good faith. When you need help, we are there. Contact us in Mobile today to learn more.

Common types of property insurance disputes in Alabama

It’s an Alabama property owner’s worst nightmare. You fight to save for a new home or a new business, and in just minutes – or hours – your property has been destroyed. Tornadoes can rip through a community without warning. Fires can ravage single homes, duplexes, condos, farm buildings, and any place where people live and work. Hurricanes can destroy everything you worked so hard to build.

When property is destroyed, Warhurst Law negotiates strong settlements and pursues your claim in court when adjusters aren’t paying everything that’s due.