Condominium Insurance Claims Lawyers in Florida

Aggressive representation for condo owners and HOAs throughout the Panhandle and Gulf Coast

Condominium insurance disputes can be complex. This is because condos don’t reside in a vacuum. Some areas such as the parking lots, administrative offices, landscaping, and stairs are common to all condo owners. Even the individual units depend on each other. When one owner suffers a loss, others can be affected.

At Warhurst Law, our experienced Florida condominium property damage lawyers understand the rights of individual condo owners and the rights of homeowners’ associations that own and run the full condo complex. We have secured millions of dollars for condo policyholders, even those who have already settled their claims, including $2.568 million in additional funds to policyholders in Louisiana after a flood. If your condo has sustained losses, let us help you the way we have helped thousands of others.