The Role of a Public Adjuster in Florida Insurance Disputes

Experienced insurance lawyers understand the pros and cons of working with public adjusters in the Gulf Coast, the Florida Panhandle, and across the state

Florida allows claims adjusters to become licensed public adjusters. In theory, these people act as agents for policyholders. They negotiate on their behalf in return for a fee or a percentage of the recovery. As a general rule, it is much more advisable for policyholders to seek the advice of legal counsel. Experienced lawyers understand the legal challenges, when claims can be brought for bad faith, how to better document and value damages, and the court procedures.

Attorney Gene Warhurst, founder of Warhurst Law, understands many different sides of insurance dispute law. As a former Florida insurance claims adjuster, he understands what steps insurance companies should take to protect their clients and when insurance companies aren’t acting in good faith. As a seasoned insurance lawyer, he understands the need to document claims, fully investigate the damage, and what damages should be paid. He has a strong history of negotiating just settlements. He’s ready to try your case in court, if the insurance company is being unreasonable or delaying payment.